Poppe Practice Management | Is your front desk team fed up?
Is it the patient's fault or does your team have a mindset issue? Is your team armed with the verbal skills they need to overcome difficult patient questions?
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Is Your Front Desk Team Fed Up?!

23 Oct Is Your Front Desk Team Fed Up?!

Is your front desk team fed up? Are they annoyed? Are they dreading one more price or insurance coverage question? Are they sick to death of patients who don’t know what they’re talking about?

If so, we have a real problem, and it isn’t the patients calling or coming to your office. We have a serious problem with the team’s mindset.

If your team is frustrated because Sally Smith is jabbering on about dentures and she’s all wrong. Have them ask themselves, why SHOULD Sally know what she’s talking about? Is she a trained dental professional? No! So, then, why would we expect her to be knowledgeable in this area? Why not meet her where she’s at? Why not treat her with kindness, be cognizant of her underlying anxiety about her upcoming dentures, and give her the best patient experience possible? Why is annoyance the team’s reaction, rather than the desire to serve?

If your team is fed up with every, “are you in network with…” question, let’s examine why? Why is that bothersome to them? Again, why is there an expectation that an average patient knows that information already, or even what exactly that means to them? That question should not be dreaded; it should be looked forward to as an opportunity to win a new patient for your office. Your team has enough faith in your dentistry to know that YOU are the dentist the caller should see, right? They should be not just prepared to, but excited to overcome this question.

If patient interactions, of any kind really, are not something your team looks forward to, we need to do some careful examination. Are they a good fit? Does each person truly have the best interest of each person at heart? Do they truly care about people? Do they just need a bit of a reset in their mindset? It is important to get a handle on this since every patient interaction has the power to make or break the relationship with the patient and practice.

If your team needs help with their mindset or some verbiage to combat difficult patient questions, give us a call!  (608) 358-3370

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