Poppe Practice Management | Essential Interview Tips for Dentists
Genevieve Poppe shares helpful tips to hire right and build your team.
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Essential Interviewing Tips

17 Jul Essential Interviewing Tips

IDENTIFYING THE BEST candidate for a job is the first step to building your ideal dental team, and that means that your interview process is critical. To help you out as you choose new employees, we’ve put together a few interview tips.

Conducting Applicant Interviews

ASK EXPERIENTIAL QUESTIONS: You are best able to determine how an applicant will act, by asking how they have acted.  Instead of asking “if” and “how” questions, shift to questions that start with “Tell me about a time…”.  You will get a much truer judgment of skills and behaviors by asking about actual situations than hypothetical dilemmas.

Identifying The Right Person For The Job

DEVELOP QUESTIONS THAT DETERMINE A VALUES FIT: Don’t make the mistake of revealing or telling applicants your values and then asking if they agree. Of course, they will say yes!  Instead, consider the values that are essential to your culture and develop questions that will reveal what the applicant’s values are.

Bring Your Questions To Us

We understand hiring the right employees to join your team can be a tricky business, and that’s why we’re here! If you need more help navigating the hiring process, contact us! We are more than happy to help.

We want to help you get your perfect team!

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