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Poppe Practice Management reflects on why they're thankful for their clients.
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So Thankful

19 Nov So Thankful

In this, the season of giving thanks, we have so many things to be grateful for. Besides the usual family, friends, health, and happiness, we are so grateful for our wonderful clients. The doctors and teams we work with day to day. To be invited into someone’s dreams, and to help them realize them is truly a gift.

Watching individual team members overcome the internal resistance they sometimes feel toward change, and grow and improve is so rewarding. To watch them gain confidence and feel like a valued and valuable piece of the practice is fantastically gratifying.

To witness those incremental changes in mindset and skill within the individual team members translate directly into practice growth makes us as happy as it does our docs. Our biggest success is YOUR success.

We’re thankful everyday that our clients allow us to guide them towards the practice they’ve always wanted and we fully appreciate the gravity of the trust you put in us. Thank you for the front row ticket to your dreams become reality.

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